The Foundation Supervisory Authority (STIFA)

The Foundation Supervisory Authority (STIFA), a division of the Office of Justice, has supervised common-benefit foundations (also referred to as public-benefit or non-profit foundations) since 1 April 2009. Private-benefit foundations may also elect to place themselves under STIFA supervision.

STIFA ensures that foundation assets are managed and appropriated in accordance with their purposes. Where necessary, it applies to the court for appropriate measures. It is authorised to verify the accuracy of notifications of formation and amendment in the case of foundations not entered in the Commercial Register.


Mandate Mandate The reasons for the creation of a state supervisory authority for foundations are complex. The legal institution of the foundation does not have any members, but rather only beneficiaries, which is why institutionalised protections are appropriate.
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Key responsibilities

Key responsibilities Key responsibilities STIFA is assigned extensive responsibilities relating to the supervision of both common-benefit and private-benefit foundations.
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Organisation/Contact persons

Organisation/Contact persons Organisation/Contact persons Head of STIFA
Dr. Albert Kaufmann
Tel. (+423) 236 62 10
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STIFA Activity Reports

STIFA Activity Reports STIFA Activity Reports STIFA’s staff at the end of 2016 consisted of the Head of Division, one Deputy Head of Division (50%) one part-time Legal Officer (50%).
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Applicable laws/Fact sheets

Applicable laws/Fact sheets Applicable laws/Fact sheets Get all legislative bases and fact sheets here
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Templates/Downloads Templates/Downloads STIFA supports practitioners in their application of foundation law. The templates made available here serve to facilitate smooth and efficient processes on the part of both practitioners and STIFA.
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