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Liechtenstein company law, which is rooted in the Persons and Companies Act (PGR) of 1926, not only constitutes one of the central legal pillars of the Liechtenstein financial centre, but also has a strong influence on the financial centre’s character due to the special importance of individual legal institutions, such as especially the foundation. The comprehensive revision of foundation law in 2009 took account of the special status of the foundation in the Liechtenstein financial centre, making a forward-looking contribution to strengthening the financial centre and its international recognition.

Since 1 April 2009, the supervision of foundations has been the responsibility of the newly created Foundation Supervisory Authority (STIFA), which was established as a competence centre for tasks relating to the law governing the supervision of foundations. By creating an innovative system of foundation governance, foundation participants are also integrated into supervision. The establishment of STIFA has corrected the supervision deficit inherent in common-benefit foundations relative to private-benefit foundations. The new supervisory regime meets international standards. Foundation law constitutes an important pillar with a positive impact on the future of the financial centre. Especially in connection with common-benefit foundations, Liechtenstein’s goal is to be mentioned in the same breath as responsible investing and sustainable development.

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