Stakeholders in Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein Association for Non-Profit Foundations e.V. (VLGS)

Promoting and increasing awareness of the foundation concept
The purpose of the association is to promote and increase awareness of the foundation concept, in particular of the possibilities and benefits of non-profit foundations in Liechtenstein.
As means to achieving this purpose, there are plans to build a network of non-profit foundations, exercise political influence to promote the concept of the foundation in general and promote the issue of charitable causes in general via collaboration between various non-profit foundations. Interests will also be represented towards the authorities and supported in general by public relations work.

Educational and training institutions

CSSP – Center for Social and Sustainable Products (AG) is an independent consulting and research house with a focus on responsible investments, impact investments and corporate social responsibility. CSSP is working with a broad range of institutional clients in Continental Europe, the United Kingdom and in Asia. The CSSP Partnership aims to provide clients with strategy and investment concept development, implementation and market assessments as well as knowledge transfer and employee training.

In addition, CSSP offers comprehensive monitoring and controlling of responsible and impact investment portfolios. We represent interests of pension funds, foundations as well as other asset owners in investment committees and on boards.

University of Liechtenstein
The University of Liechtenstein has developed steadily into an internationally renowned centre of education with attractive opportunities for study in the heart of Europe. The University of Liechtenstein has its own Chair of Company, Foundation and Trust Law with a scientific and systematic focus on the legal aspects of foundations. It engages in external communication in the field of academic research and teaching.

Financial Market Authority Liechtenstein (FMA)

The FMA is the independent financial market supervisory authority of Liechtenstein, ensuring the stability and credibility of the financial market, the protection of clients, and the prevention and punishment of abuses.


Civil and criminal jurisdiction is exercised in the first instance by the Court of Justice, in the second instance by the Court of Appeal, and in the third and final instance by the Supreme Court. The courts of public law are the Administrative Court and the Constitutional Court. The seat of the courts is Vaduz.

Public-private partnerships

LIFE Climate Foundation (LIFE)
The goal of the LIFE Climate Foundation Liechtenstein is to serve as an initiator and to constructively help shape the development and advancement of market-based instruments in the area of climate protection. True to the motto “for a better life”, the LIFE Climate Foundation contributes to attaining the global climate protection goals established by the Kyoto Protocol and thus ultimately to the preservation of our environment.

Conciliation Board

The extrajudicial Conciliation Board is a mediator for conflicts between clients and banks, investment and asset management companies and payment service providers. It is a neutral and cost-free service that deals with concrete complaints of clients.

Conciliation Board

Office of the Public Prosecutor

The mandate of the Office of the Public Prosecutor is to engage in ex officio prosecution, indictment, and representation of the indictment in court of all punishable acts it learns of and which must be investigated or punished not solely at the request of a person involved.


Office for International Financial Affairs (SIFA)

The Office for International Financial Affairs is in charge of the coordination and implemen-tation of the government’s financial centre strategy and associated measures and tasks.
The financial centre is a central mainstay of the economy of Liechtenstein. The government of the Principality of Liechtenstein supports the competitiveness of the financial centre of Liechtenstein by providing specific framework conditions.



CFA Society Liechtenstein
As a local member society of the global CFA® Institute, CFA Society Liechtenstein promotes the highest possible standards of ethical and professional conduct in the region. Our goal is to create and promote an environment in which the interests of investors enjoy the top prio-rity, the markets function smoothly, and national economies are able to grow.

Liechtenstein Bankers Association (LBA)
The Liechtenstein Bankers Association was founded in 1969 by the three Liechtenstein banks existing at the time. Since its foundation, the LBA has been safeguarding the interests of its member banks in relation to the Government, the authorities, the public, and national and international organisations and associations. It coordinates the joint activities of its members.

Liechtenstein Chamber of Lawyers (LIRAK)
The Chamber of Lawyers is a corporation under public law.
Since 01 Jan 2014, the Chamber of Lawyers is the entity responsible for the granting of all permits under the Act on Lawyers (Rechtsanwaltsgesetz). It is also in charge of safeguarding the honour, reputation, and rights, and of supervising the duties of the lawyer profession. Its duties also include the protection of its members’ financial interests.

Liechtenstein Association of Professional Trustees (THV)
The Liechtenstein Institute of Professional Trustees and Fiduciaries is a public-law corporati-on. It is incumbent upon it to safeguard the honour, the reputation and the rights of trustees, also to supervise their duties.

Association of Independent Asset Managers in Liechtenstein (VUVL)
The purpose of the Association of Independent Asset Managers in Liechtenstein is to safeguard the interests of its members, and especially also to safeguard and promote the reputation of independent asset managers in Liechtenstein and abroad.

Liechtenstein Association of Auditors (WPV)
The Association of Auditors works to safeguard the honour, reputation, and rights of the audit profession and to monitor its obligations. The work of the Association of Auditors also includes promoting the economic interests of its members. The WPV offers interested parties a standard for auditing common-benefit foundations.

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