Applicable laws

Liechtenstein foundation law, which originated in 1926, was comprehensively revised by the Law of 26 June 2008 on the Amendment of the Persons and Companies Act (PGR), Liechtenstein Law Gazette (LGBl.) 2008 No. 220. The new foundation law entered into force on 1 April 2009. The revised legal norms continue to be embedded in the PGR, but they now constitute a self-contained and systematic classification (Law on Foundations, StiftG) in the form of sequential clauses within article 552 PGR. The general provisions of the PGR, and accordingly also those governing legal entities, thus remain applicable to foundation law as well.
Although the new law follows the principle of “old law for old foundations – new law for new foundations”, the transitional provisions make numerous new rules applicable to foundations established under the old law as well.
In addition to the new systematic classification mentioned above, key goals of the revisions were to strengthen the responsibility of the founder, to secure “deposited” foundations for the long term by reorganising the deposition model, and to strengthen foundation supervision and foundation governance.


Further materials on foundation law

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