Philanthropic action can be carried out in many different ways. Traditionally, this has always been done through some variation of a donation. In terms of action, a distinction can be made between financial donations, donations of time (philanthropic engagement), and in-kind donations. For some time, however, the traditional boundaries between profit-making investment on the one side and the traditional understanding of donations and endowments on the other side have been blurring. Alongside traditional forms of philanthropy, new paths are increasingly being forged as well.

Traditional philanthropy

Traditional philanthropy Traditional philanthropy Philanthropy literally means benevolence or love for humanity. People who do something good for other people are called philanthropists. As diverse as philanthropists are, as diverse is their understanding of philanthropy as well.
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Modern Philanthropy

Modern Philanthropy Modern Philanthropy Alongside classical forms of donating and endowing through the provision of funds, founders and donors are increasingly trying to forge new paths in philanthropy.
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